The side no one sees.

I like dancing like a fool, I like drinking colourful alcoholic drinks, I like watching romantic films, especially Disney! There are many other things like this about me too!

No one will really ever see this because I hide it. I know I’ve got a weird ‘exciting’ side, I’ve got to be very comfortable to be this person and it doesn’t happen often. I suppose I am once a year but that’s about it. My self esteem and comfort for who I really am is practically nil so thats why.

Maybe I can start to be that person in the near future. My social life is starting again because I’ve lost it all, now is the time maybe.


One thought on “The side no one sees.

  1. The only time we truly control is “now” so you grab it and start socializing…baby steps though. Don’t overwhelm yourself.

    Also, animations are the best 😉


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