Easter at the woods.

sorry for writing so many posts yesterday. it felt like i flooded WordPress with my goings on. ive been a bit more restrained today and now im only writing for the first time.

i went for a different walk today. i went to the woods near me, it was nice. im pretty sure there was an eater egg hunt going on because there were a lot of kids running around excited. i didnt find any eggs though, however i wasnt looking. i wasnt even that paranoid at the woods today. generally i look behind myself in public about once every thirty seconds to make sure someone isnt following me or sneaking up on me.

its nice to have a bit of variety on my walks, i just dont go to the woods on my own because i feel like it would look a bit weird. if youre not with someone or a dog you’re out of place there. i took a couple of pictures, one of which i love, the other is of a tree i used to climb to thew top of when i was little, i was no more than 10 years old probably.

i do like the woods, i wouldnt mind going more often. i better get a dog if thats going to happen! would be a bit of company for me as well.

my mind has been clearer today. i think writing about the whole scenarios thing yesterday helped me clear that out of my mind. i managed to get by today with not doing it very often. i think having my mind occupied is important as well, so a trip to the woods was important for me.

i had a terrible nights sleep last night. it was different to my typical bad nights sleeps, this was just me waking up all the time. i probably went to sleep at around 1am and woke up three times during the night, one time i thought i was blind because my eyes felt like they had been scratched out and they were painful. i think that was probably just them not being able to open because of tiredness but it didnt stop me panicking and trying to open my eyes as much as possible. stupid sleep. i imagine ill sleep better tonight because of how broken it was last night.

anyway, im going to go now. im going to need some company tomorrow though, its the big family day out which i was uninvited to because it might be problematic. not looking forward to waking up tomorrow.



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