Good feeling stuff!

nothing bad to write at the moment but i wanted to write a little bit on here before bed and i feel its probably some good feeling stuff.

I love comedy, especially stand up. if i can laugh its brilliant, if i can laugh lots of times its amazing. its not that i love my laugh (i really don’t), its more that i feel good even if its only for a little while. i’ve been watching stand up comedy this evening and its really done me some good. I don’t think its just me when i say its great when you find that thing that makes you smile. i love a joke, i love a bad one even more, a pun that is extremely tenuous to anything that makes you cringe. i think laughter is so important, i think it must release something in me that lightens my mood. i talked earlier about having momentum on my mental health recovery, the laughter helps even more. there are some comedians i like more than others but you have to appreciate that all of them are just hoping to put smiles on peoples faces, i think that’s great.

what are other things that people love to get into? it doesn’t just have to be television, or anything to make you laugh, it could just be something that motivates you to get up and do something, something that gives you enough momentum to laugh, smile, get active, get……well, anything positive!

if i can laugh, or even better, make someone laugh, i feel great! i just know what its like to not be laughing, what could be going through someones mind in silence or through lack of laughter. its like sunshine to me.

if you are down or having a hard time, go straight to that thing that brings you back up, its what i do, and ninety-nine percent of the time it works. when it works treat it like an achievement as well, you’ve managed to bring yourself to get some motivation to do something, even if it is just smile, after-all smiling when you’re in a bad place is the best achievement.

not the sort of thing i usually write but i wanted to write this after smiling and laughing all evening.


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