‘Un’creepy-uppy schizophrenia. Tell-tail signs.

its 10.30AM and im already away with the fairies today. i have a feeling today will be one of those days. when im away with the fairies its not always bad, in fact today is a bit fairy-tailish. sometimes i imagine meeting people who are just nice, people who just want to be my friend and get along with me. i know it may not sounds like a fairy-tail but it is to me. for someone who doesnt really have friends around him to daydream about having friends seems unrealistic sometimes. i also daydream about other things of course e.g being a celebrity or doing something extraordinary. i know these examples will never come true and i dont believe for one second they will, its nice to have good thoughts sometimes, after all, these are the only good thoughts i really have, the more realistic thoughts i have are all doom and gloom. its a shame that most of my thoughtd are just terrible, i suppose i just have to relish the thoughts that are unrealistic.

i was talking to someone on the phone yesterday about my mental illness of schizoaffective disorder and how i know when some things are going to happen and we got onto the topic of having psychotic episodes. now, i can pretty much tell if im going to have a psychotic episode, sometimes hours before i actually have one and i shall tell you why. sometimes i wake up and there is a lot of tension in my head. now im not talking about headaches, im not talking about pressure on temples or anything like that, what im talking about is rather a stress on my brain. sometimes my brain can feel heavy, it can feel a lot more dense than usual, this is often a tell tail sign that im going to go wrong that day. something else is that my thoughts are often fleeting but incredibly frequent. i can wake up in the morning and my mind will be going even faster than usual, it will be just flitting from one topic to another at milliseconds at a time, it will be incredibly busy. another tell tail sign. the last early tell sail sign is the fact that i am obviously confused by a lot. i will not have any focus, i wont be able to talk properly about anything to anyone. im almost incoherent in the hours leading up to a psychotic episode.

these things usually tell me im going to have an episode, or what doctors are starting to call them ‘auras’. now, this aura label is starting to annoy me, the reason being is because doctors have started attaching it to epilepsy. doctors are starting to believe i might have epilepsy because of my ‘auras’ and its doing my head in. the reason its doing my head in is because if they had just asked a few more questions about my condition they would know i dont have it, or at least none of what i go through is attached to epilepsy. if they had asked me questions about my psychotic episodes, if they had asked me how i feel leading up to one, if they had asked me how i was while having one and what i was like after they would know its not the case. now i have to have an EEG to rule it in or out and i know i dont need one. i mean , i cant blame doctors for this, little is known about schizophrenia so they dont know what to ask, they dont know what they should be looking for, all i know is they are looking for the wrong thing. but hey, if it turns out i have epilepsy its just one more thing they can add to the list of problems i have. all i know is, i ruled out epilepsy years ago when i thought it may have been a problem. all i had to do was ask myself some questions to get to the right conclusion. oh well!

i missed one other thing about knowing something is going to happen, it sort of relates to the last symptom that i mentioned, the one about talking and focusing, this is my actual speech. if im going to have a psychotic episode i often stutter in the hours leading up to one. its an obvious stammer that really bothers me. i really dont like not being able to speak properly when i know i fully well can, it bothers me, but it is a tell tial sign that somethings going to happen that day.

isnt it weird, psychotic episodes dont creep up on me, they dont surprise me or shock me, they tell me when theyre going to happen, i can often find a comfortable place to be in before i have one, and i can sometimes even get myself to sleep right before one happpens. i know its just about to happen because everything because massive, all the symptoms becomes really prevalent and have built up to a finale of an episode. because the stress of it all is so much its often incredibly tiring so i just try to sleep as that all happens, it sometimes works.

now i know not many people are really going to know what im on about with any of this because not many people suffer with schizophrenia, not many people who suffer actually get the same symptoms either, what i would like to know is, does anyone who reads these ramblings, who also suffers from schizophrenia, get any of these tell tail symptoms before a psychotic episode? do you have anything to let you know something is going to go down that day? do they creepy up on you unlike my version of events? i would love to know, perhaps even just to look out for anything else that might be a tell tail sign that im going to go wrong!


8 thoughts on “‘Un’creepy-uppy schizophrenia. Tell-tail signs.

  1. This post really has me thinking…. I’ve never really dissected what happens before any sort of psychotic episode.. But the major indicator is my inability to sleep, my mind racing all over the place and I find myself irritated with having to interact with people. These are things I’ve noticed in hindsight but am trying to look out for.
    I seem to intuitively isolate when I’m descending due to my paranoia though!

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    1. I think, because my mind fascinates me, I I like to look at what goes on at stages. Do you ever feel like you’re going to have a psychotic episode then have one? I guess, if you do, you could just try and look at why you’re noticing? I dunno, I think that’s what I did. Our minds are fascinating, even if they’re a burden sometimes (or most of the time).

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  2. Thanks for the blog post. I can relate a bit to some of the symptoms you said. I was diagnosed with a psychotic disorder with symptoms of schizophrenia about four months ago. I had a feeling that something was going to happen but I didn’t know what it was. I had racing thoughts and I felt some type of pressure. But when I experienced my psychotic episode, I was unaware that I was experiencing it because I didn’t understand what the triggers were and I had never experienced it before


    1. Because I’ve never really met anyone who has had a psychotic episode it fascinates me when people suffer similar symptoms. I always wondered if I was the only one with the pressure and racing thoughts. Thanks for the reply. Hope you’re doing OK.

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      1. I am doing ok thanks. I hope you’re well. At the time when I was in hospital because of my psychosis, I had two friends who were also in hospital because they had psychotic episodes. I think it’s becoming more frequent now

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      2. I just wonder if people who have mental health issues attract others who also suffer, I mean, it’s sort of a personality trait that others might relate to and move towards. Just a theory.

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      3. That’s a good point. A friend of mine said that she felt like ever since she fell ill the only people that were her friends either studied psychology or had a mental illness. I think it’s because people find it easier to empathise with u when they have been through something similar.

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