These things help, they’re lovely.

“just one text from a friend a day can pick your whole day up”. i wrote this in my last blog post. i wrote about how i dont have this, today it happened though. i got dressed from my PJ’s because i wasnt in the mood to get dressed, i was getting dressed to go to the shops (hopefully seeing no-one i knew) to buy junk food and just binge eat and do nothing all day. i got my shoes on ready to go and my phone went off. the people who i saw last weekend messaged me and asked me if i wanted to join them on the beach to walk their dog Sabre. this brightened my whole day. sure i dont feel 100%, sure its not a cure, but what it is, is a positive. i got in my car and went and walked at the beach with them and their dog. it was lovely. now im not saying this is going to happen everyday, i dont expect to be invited out everyday, but to have that message really got me going, gave me motivation, i even got emotional because of it, and why wouldnt i? if my day is terrible and the last few days have been i have every right to be emotional about something good.

pictures of sabre

i came back from the beach, i did go and buy junk food, probably not as much as i would have beforehand, but i did it in a better mood than when i was originally going to do this.

oim now sitting at home wondering what to do this evening. the person who i live with wants to watch a crap film so ive got to think of something else to do. i’ll probably just glide through social media and go for a billion cigarettes (yes i smoke).

i suppose what i take from all this is, even though im not very good there are things out there which are, there are things that help me, even if it is a little bit.


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