My condition is not a dirty word!

ive got a problem with something and i want to talk about it.

Donald Trump (not the exact issue, bare with me) is a difficult man. he is way above his post in what he’s doing and is not right for his job, HOWEVER! when i type ‘schizoaffective disorder’ into twitter to try to find relateable tweets i can read, all i get are people trying to shut him down by tweeting about how he has this condition. now, i have schizoaffective disorder, i know what its like to live with it, and by george i could spot someone in the limelight with this condition from a mile away. Donald Trump does not have it! i dont know if people are trying to call him mentally deranged in an insult befitting of some sort of bigot, i dont know if these people are medical professionals trying to give their diagnoses over twitter, what i do know is, neither of these are anything good, and none of the other reasons are going to be anything good either. All of this adds to stigma, it makes people think im like Donald Trump, it makes people use mental illness derogatorily, and it makes my life a taboo.

Now, with me living schizoaffective disorder, i know what i do with my opinions, i know what i do about my suspicions, i know what type of person i am, it is not an outspoken, opinionated, hardline type of stance i take, generally i keep it all to myself. unfortunately there are occasions where people, who arent getting correct medical attention, get caught up in dangerous circumstances, but generally anyone with schizoaffective disorder, bi-polar, schizophrenia or anything other similar illness are completely harmless, generally introverts, people who keep themselves to themselves, and you probably couldnt get much more of an opinion out of them other than what treatment they are getting. I’ve never met a nasty person who suffers with psychosis of any sort, and the chances are, neither have you.

Now, i know ive given opinion on here, and i know i just talked about keeping myself to myself, but im passionate about upholding the rights, the views, and the view of people who suffer similarly to me. im just a quiet person who has a bit more hidden trouble than other people, thats all. i need some help, but i’ll never throw around views, opinions, and news thats radical. dont insult me please. i like to think im a nice person.

this is by no means me defending the US president. im just defending myself again those who think they can slander my condition for a like. its not just this example i could give, there are many other times when people use my condition like a dirty word, this ones just a bit more prominent.



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