Battery reset.

as its warm and i have a little bit of motivation today i decided to go for a walk on the beach, something i havent done for a few days, and quite a while since i did it on my own. so, here i am now. ive stopped at the spot where i usually write, its really lovely. the sun is shining, its warm (23 degrees in English terms), the tide is fully out, and because the wind is only gentle i can hear the waves delicately splashing on the the sand. this is nice.

i woke up late today, and im not talking morning either. i woke up at 1pm late. even though i woke up late i think it did me some good. i think its what i needed. yes, it seems i just needed lots of sleep to reset my batteries. i got up, mowed the lawn, washed, took the bins out, and now im at the beach. today has definitely been a success. by the way, washing and taking the bins out are huge deals for me because i need the same motivation for them things as i do when  i go out. big deals.

there are loads of people about right now which isnt so good. i would be much happier if i jsut had the beach to myself for a couple of hours when im here. i suppose i have to face humans though, even if they are scary. yes, all humans are scary, even the ones i know.

i think ill pack up now. im not going to write very much because i think i just want to appreciate the scenery.


sunny beach


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