Don’t balls it up!

i did something. i talked to a specific someone about mental health today, someone who doesnt really take any of it in. i thought id give it a shot because there are some things im doing that are coming up that are mental health related and i thought i should talk to them about it. sure, they seemed more interested in where i had to go and how to drive there, but im taking that as a win. they are trying to help me, and i imagine as far as mental health related things go, thats the best that they can help me.

as for the rest of my day, i fixed up some car parts (which is well out of my comfort zone), i did some washing (also a big deal), and binge watched romantic comedies on Netflix. ok, so that last one wasnt very motivational but i like it, it gives me motivation, and laughing helps me no end with my mood.

overall, my day hasnt been bad. ive now planned a route to the recovery college (which im not even certain im doing), ive messaged someone about a local mental health march that i want to go to, and i did stuff! this all means i havent been bored today. sure i have the times when my mind likes to take over and try and hurt me, sure sometimes i can only focus on canned laughter on a program rather than the program itself, and sure there are times i feel really lonely. but do you know what, all of these things are so everyday for me now, i now know i can just try and live with them some days, and today was one of those days.

i hope i dont balls up this evening.


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