Mental health awareness.

ok, its hot today. im not that great in the heat, and i think the pretty sudden change in heat is a bit of a shock. im pretty sure at the beginning of this month there were snowy parts of the country, now its supposed to be 28 degrees! all of this means im probably spending the day indoors. its going to be a pretty boring day but ive got netflix so that isnt too bad.

the single nagging thoughts ive been having recently is back. my mind loves to make stories about things, then it tries to make me believe what im thinking is a true reflection of things. i can make someone or something horrible in my head, and my head then convinces me to believe this crap! yes i know its good that i can spot these problems but its not good that i have them in the first place, and the chances are that they’ll all slip through eventually. bloody inner dialogue!

ive been thinking of trying to do more with my life. im doing this recovery college thing for my mental health (wrote about this before), im trying my hardest to start volunteering, i mean, ive done everything i can but it just hasnt started yet. i also remembered that im going to try and get myself on a mental health march in Norwich, my home city. there are things that im trying to try increase the amount of stuff in my life, and i think if i can keep this up it will be really good. i do want to try and perhaps get to more events in the U.K in regards to mental health, i would love to travel and see whats going on in the U.K for mental health, i just have to get used to some transport that im really uncomfortable with. what else can i do? perhaps mental health related things.

i may not be able to change the world, but i want to help make an impact somewhere, and because mental health is such a large part of my life i would like to make an impact in that aspect of the world. mental health awareness is so important and removing the stigma is a massive part of that. if i could help with that i would feel like ive achieved something, and perhaps helped a little more.


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