This week i’m grateful for…….

so, i dont remember good things very well so im going to try something this evening that i saw someone else do on their blog. im going to write about what im grateful for from the past week. i can hopefully come back to this at other times for memories, and maybe even a lift when im not feeling too great.

  1. this week i learnt the lesson that if im having a bad day its OK to scrap that day, on the day, and just look forward to the next one even more. ive learnt that on those days that ive scrapped i can plan the next day as well. it turn i give the scrapped day some purpose. its ok to have bad days, so long as i can bounce back the day after, and do you know what, even if i dont bounce back the next day i can still look further forward and keep planning. i learnt this at the weekend, its already coming in really helpful as this week ive realised i have been at some loose ends and waking up knowing the day isnt going to be great. ive given purpose to my bad days, and for this i am grateful.
  2. this week ive been out during the week to help a friend. i woke up having one of the above days and i got the message from my friend that they wanted a hand. it turned my frown right upside down! im so grateful that ive got friends i can go and see, i can have a good time, and i feel like those people are happy with me around as well. i helped my friend put up a shelf in their garage. we worked as a team but i think i might have been a bit bossy at times. i think it was OK though. we did friends things like going out for lunch, lots of chatting, and i was even allowed to stay for dinner! im grateful for having this day, it brightened my whole week.
  3. my mum has been helping me a lot recently. i apologise for calling her too much because i do, but she still answers the calls, sounds happy, and we chat about lots of stuff. she helps me no end, she keeps me going on tough days, and even if im calling perhaps for even a third time during the day we still have things to talk about. Thanks Mum!
  4. lastly i want to thank bloggers, both those who read and write blogs. this week ive been taking advice from people who are blogging, and the advice is paying off. i wouldnt be writing this if i hadnt read someones blog and tried it for myself. i wouldnt have realised the first thing i was grateful for if it wasnt for bloggers, me week has been considerably better purely because of the first thing. i have also been looking at the astonishing amount of motivation some mental health bloggers have, their persistence in their focus on and promotion of mental health awareness. reading these blogs has given me my own motivation. those people who write all of these positive posts, whether they are personal or more educational, they are all helping me and im really getting into the community spirit of blogging. also, there are those people who are reading my blog, you help me no end. it may be selfish but it feels like some people are paying attention to what i have to write, and this gives me even more purpose on this earth.

all of these things im grateful for have given me a new opportunity. ive got a job interview next week (see previous blog post) which made me realise im going i nthe right direction in my life. my week would have been very different. ive even got up the courage to do a community beach clean at a local beach tomorrow. im really excited about all of this.

Thank you.


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