It wasn’t a bust.

i made a last minute decision to have a barbecue this evening. it was just the two of us but it was still nice. it was nice to be doing something with my day. i actually managed to do something else with my day other than that. i was up bright and early this morning to go on a walk with my mum. we went and walked around a nature reserve looking at the wildlife. we got to see some, marsh harriers, black-caps, a barn own, and a few other things as well. i wasnt completely there but that was because it was 7.30am and i dont usually wake up at this time.

it was nice that i did a couple of things today because i thought my whole day would be a drag. i thought i would have nothing to do all day and i would just sit here twiddling my thumbs. the walk gave me a lighter edge to my day. during the day i didnt get up to too much. i finished binge watching something on netflix which was good. im now moving onto another series with the same genre, so thats cool. my day was just better than i thought it would be.

i got featured in someone elses blog which was cool. i just wrote a bit about how mental health affects men and how mental health is perceived by the world when you are a male, you know, whats expected of a man in this world, what isnt expected. this is something that bothers me because im not the manliest man in the world but i am a man and this stuff affects me.

i forgot to do the ‘this week im grateful’ on friday, and to be honest i dont really feel like doing it this week. ive been wracking my brains as to what im actually grateful for and theres not much. ill just quickly write a bit here………….

im grateful for someone on the bloggersphere for talking to me which was cool. someone thats helped me no end in the last few weeks, someone ive really related to. thank you.

im also grateful for my mum again, shes being a legend as far as helping me is concerned.

both of these things have helped me a lot recently and gave me the courage to go to a job interview and other things. sure i didnt get the job but things happen for a reason im told so ill listen to that i guess, im not sure if i believe it, though, i usually just think you have to make things happen.

anyway, im off now, im getting a bit irritated right now.


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