Rant about the human race.

i always wonder if my mental health is affected by the way the world is. not just regarding politics and other government failings, im talking about how society is. now, in my head the social aspects throughout the world need to change. im of an opinion that people in the world (as a whole, not as individuals) are bought up with hate in their lives. i know i was. i know i was bought up knowing that its normal to take the micky out of men who wear pink, or to make fun of girls with short hair. i do not choose to follow any of this but people follow this sort of path, whether its subtly or drilled in. casual racism, casual homophobia and many other things are seen on the tv all the time. sure, its not being really racist (although in some media it is) or its not really homophobic (see previous brackets) but its there, and its not nice. what really frustrates me is that its allowed, its allowed on tv, its allowed in society, its allowed everywhere. im not saying its accepted by everyone, but its in everyones lives somewhere and little is done about it.

society as a whole litters, is ignorant to the environment and doesnt do enough to take care of our precious planet. everyday i see litter, and i dont venture far from my house. it all just blows about in the wind. people see futures with big engine cars that just stunts the progression in renewable energy. people just dont care enough about our planet. someone said to me a couple of weeks ago that they dont care what happens after they leave this earth because its not their problem. this is an awful thing to think! i essentially heard ‘i dont care if this planet is destroyed the day after i die, and i dont care if its my fault’.

back to people…….. judgement, bitchiness, backstabbing and many other traits happen everyday in society. horrible traits within people. i hear so much hypocrisy every week from people. i hear people giving shitty opinions on other people when they are giving an opinion on someones trait that they themselves have. its ridiculous. there is no sensitivity from people. no thought goes into peoples arguments, no thought of what a person has been through or if theyre suffering. people are always quick to judge………always.

now, im not saying im perfect. in fact i have a diesel car, i bitch now and again, and occasionally i say something i perhaps shouldnt. what bothers me is the fact its all allowed. what bothers me that all of this that ive mentioned is just everyday nonsense that the human race partakes in, on tv, in our homes, in social media.

i worry about all of this, and i believe it really affects my mental health. i wish the human race cared a little more, thought a little more, worried for good a little more, and perhaps changed the way you should perceive people.

this is all my opinion. this is how i feel about society, this is why im scared of almost all people in this world. im scared of bad, and humans stink of it.

One thought on “Rant about the human race.

  1. I worry about the same…..about how easy it is for people to hate. About how they don’t see it as hate. It’s a selfishness that I don’t understand…but perhaps I care too much


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