Don’t let one night ruin a good week!

ive been encouraged to write this evening.

i was going to write at the beach this evening but i decided otherwise. the otherwise that i decided was to, instead, eat a whole tube of pringles, and i ate some jelly babies as well. so, from exercise to the munchies. i dont mind.

ive done a lot of exercising this week. i found a game on the Xbox kinect which makes me work quite hard, which is good! i also went for an extremely long walk, 8.6 miles to be precise! half way through the walk me and my friend (i know, friend!) stopped at a pub. i didnt have a beer and instead had a fizzy apple juice. i know its not the most innocent drink but it was better than the alternative. anyway, lots of exercise, ive kept well to my diet (except this evening) and i measured my waist, chest and hips and ive lost inches there. all in all my diet is going well.

my mood has been relatively good as well. ive been talking to this wonderful person who i started talking to fairly recently. this person is cool, but i worry im chatting their ear off. hopefully im not. i think the exercise is helping as well. i also pushed myself today and went to the supermarket. sure i was only in there two minutes because it petrifies me, but i was pumped once i got out. i managed to do this thing that petrifies me by pushing myself.

ive had my bad moments this week. something thats was really making me anxious has just started taking place and my anxiety levels have just rocketed. this is annoying. hopefully i can help myself. just turns out me being busy doesnt stop people interrupting me. ugh. good luck me.

ill try and sort this evening out as best i can and hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. i dont want to spoil a good week.


One thought on “Don’t let one night ruin a good week!

  1. I love the title…it’s so true, we mustn’t let one bad thing ruin a streak of good. It’s so hard not to though.
    Congrats on the successful week with the exercise and diet!


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