Plans. Past, present, future.

I’ve been making lots of plans over the last couple of months. My will power seems to be quite good at the moment so I’m taking complete advantage of this. There are some plans I’ve stuck to, there are some I’m just starting on, and there are some plans I’ve got to get around to. These last ones probably wont happen but I’ll give it my all! So, lets look at these plans.

I made a plan about ten months ago. This plan was to lose weight. I started to lose weight, then I got ill with some stupid rash all over my body (sorry for all the information) so I gained all my weight (and more) back again. This went on for a couple of months but once it was finished i didn’t get back to dieting. I was going through a really rough patch. My meds were changed, I was put on two anti-psychotics and I had bad side effects which caused me some real trouble in my life. I couldn’t diet at the time because I had to focus on my mental well-being. Finally I started eating better around four months ago. I’ve now lost nearly five and a half stone, five and half stone that needed to be lost. I’ve hit every single target I’ve given myself, and the targets I gave myself were not easy. This weight loss is something I’m really proud of, something I’ve tried in the past and never succeeded doing………..until now. From now on my plan isn’t so much to lose weight but rather get fitter, which leads me onto my next set of plans.

I’ve started trying to get fitter. this is one of two next plans for me, two plans that are going to be really difficult. I’ve started jogging. I briefly mentioned this (and the weight loss) in my previous post but I thought I’d write a bit more about it. Sure I’m not the fittest person, and sure, I can’t run the whole times, but I’m doing it. I’m getting out onto the promenade at the beach and going for it. I felt a little inadequate the other day when I was overtaken by someone. That person disappeared into the distance, leaving me trying to move one wobbly leg in front of the other. I’ll get better. all I’ve got to do is keep it up. I’m going jogging every other day to make sure I’m persevering.

I’m also doing some core exercises on the side. I’m doing sit-ups and press-ups everyday just to try and sort the top half of my body out.

The second half of my fitness plan is to stop smoking. I love smoking. Smoking is my best medicine, with the worst side effects. smoking is comfort. Smoking is relief. It’s been there for every panic attack, for every time I’m really stressed out. You see, this dependence is awful, it could potentially kill me. I have to stop. I’ve cut right down on the fags. It’s only my second day but like I said earlier, I’m making the most of this will power I’ve suddenly gained. I’m going to put the money aside from what I would spend smoking. I’m going to put it in a jar and use it for Christmas money. Plans! I just need a punishment for me when I do smoke. I’m completely cutting out cigarettes in four days time. Good luck to those who have to deal with me! I apologise in advance.

I’ve got other future plans. I’m a bit apprehensive when it comes to talking about these one’s because I need to see where my mental health is. If I do go ahead with these future plans I’ll be putting myself out there, really testing myself, testing my will power. We’ll see how the current plans go. I haven’t looked after my body for years so now it’s about time to do something about it. So far it’s going well. Wish me luck for the rest!



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