Bruised but battling.

There are some people really helping me right now. Helping me while I struggling at the moment. Struggling with my head. Thank you to those people. My army may be small, but it’s powerful.

I’ve put my plan into place. I’m making sure i’m in a safe space, talking to those people that help me. I could really do with as much help as possible but asking for it sucks. I should be OK with what I’m working with at the moment.

I’ve got a few things i’m planning. I got my benefits awarded to me, mysteriously just before a tribunal hearing to determine whether I got it or not. I’m going to make the rest of September and as much of October as comfortable as possible.

I’m not having many psychotic symptoms at the moment. Well i might be having them, but I haven’t recognised the signs yet, but yeh, I don’t think the problems are there. I’m emotional, i’m down, lacking any motivation. I’m really anxious as well. I was meant to go out to something I really enjoy tonight but I cancelled. It sucks but sometimes I have to do it.

I thought i’d have more to write on here today but i don’t. I just wanted to check in with my blog, make sure I know it’s still here, and make sure it knows i’m still here.

I’m ready for a rough ride.

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