It’s more than “in your head”

There are different ways of knowing if your mental illness is causing problems. Well I know of a few different ways. Spotting these different ways has become an art-form for me over the last few years. Something happens within yourself and you start to question whether it relates to ill mental health. I started to recognise the patterns in my life and started to question certain things that happened. All of this has led me to become, what i would call, and expert at my own mental health. But something isnt making sense right now.

I don’t think my body knows im OK.

So ill mental health health has physical symptoms as much as it’s anything to do with the mind. The symptoms affect my body, so much so that it’s known to lower your immune system making you more susceptable to other illness, which is probably why I had the flu a couple of weeks ago. Sometimes the symptoms are a little more gentle, more like what a cold is compared to the flu. So my mental health has bettered in the last week, hopefully for a long time, but my body is still in a phase that I would consider as an ill mental health state. I’m hungry all the time, constantly tired but not that sleepy (if you know what i mean), my skin is awful, I have constant aches in my body, and headaches that come and go. These are just a few things that happen while my mental health isnt great, but its not doing to badly right now, so im confused.

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As well as being confused I’m also cautious about, what could be, physical warning signs of ill mental health. sometimes, even though I can spot the signs that something isn’t right I cant always spot whats wrong. I’m quite wary, and just need to be on my toes. Perhaps I’ll write on here in a few days and things would have gone one way or the other. You never know, my physical signs of mental health issues could have gone, or maybe the hidden issue may come to light. I’ll deal with that when it gets here. Right now my job is to benefit from a bit of quiet in my head and move forward, slowly but steadily, with my life.

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