When your mental illness reminds you it’s still there.

I’m having one of those days. One of those days where it feels like I’m not on meds (medication) and I’ve got all my problems. I can easily remember this feeling because its one i really don’t like. I feel like everything is bad. Everything is frustrating, incoherent to me, and all my thoughts are telling me I’m not good enough for anything. This is a little taster of what depression can do to you. I don’t think its anything more serious than an “off” day, but nevertheless its still bloody annoying. 

As for my meds…… I take Fluoxetine (Prozac) for my depression, I take Respiridone for my psychotic symptoms, and I take Pregabalin for a bit of everything but mainly anxiety I think.

I discussed my meds with my therapist the other day. I think i can probably shift them around in the near future because I’m getting along quite well with my Fluoxetine especially, and I think it can probably do the job that Pregabalin can do. I think the time for experimenting is in the near year.

I’ve decided that I should really be using social media more. I think I decided this a few months ago and didn’t follow through, but I thought I’d give it another go and try to boost myself using t’internet. Social media actually boosts me. I like sharing what I’m up to, not in a self loving narcissistic way, but rather using it for a way to feel like I have some sort of social life. I don’t really have much of an outside life, not to say I don’t want one, but using social media helps me communicate with people with ease. It’s nice for me. You all have personalities and friends, I have awkward pictures and babbling blog posts. 

Right, I’m going to watch the football in a hope that my mind can be taken off of, well, off of my mind.

Go England!

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