The “Professionals” Of Schizophrenia

My CPNs, therapists, psychologists and doctors have never really talked about my schizophrenia when I ever bought it up. Yes, they were happy to diagnose me with it, they were happy to acknowledge it but they were never happy to help me with it. It almost felt like they were all stumped when it came to talking about psychosis, schizophrenia……….anything like that really. I understand that its easier to help someone if you’ve perhaps experienced it yourself, and lets face it, even though people with schizophrenia are out there they aren’t necessarily out there in huge numbers. so perhaps its really difficult to talk about schizophrenia when you don’t experience it yourself but you must learn something, surely?

OK, I’ve had tablets thrown at me for years and i’m still on them, and they help quite a lot but I’ve never had anyone talk to me about coping mechanisms. no one has ever helped me understand the condition, and no one has helped me try to prevent it worsening (barring the meds). I don’t know if they are scared to talk about it, or whether there is actually any way anyone can help me in these ways, but from pure guesswork I’d say there must be ways to help me, and others in these ways. When it comes to depression, anxiety, even personality disorder traits, the professionals are more than happy to talk about coping mechanisms and preventative measures, in my experience its just this one thing.

I’ve had limited discussion with people who have schizophrenia. I’ve talked intensely with individuals and have read blog posts about peoples experiences with the illness, but discussing the help we are all getting seems to be almost non-existent, including when it comes to myself. I would love it, if you’re reading this, to let me know if you talk about this sort of thing so I can follow you, so I can learn more about peoples experiences, and hopefully learn a little more about your journey with schizophrenia. I’m doing this now so that when i’m struggling I can attempt your different techniques on how to cope with things, or even use techniques for preventing such experiences.

My mental health isn’t exactly 100% at the moment and I usually look into supporting it when it’s messing up a bit, so i’m cautious with my behaviours and just making sure, everyday, that i’m OK, and just do a sort of mental illness checklist to see whats wrong and whats not. My psychosis is just creeping in a bit more than usual so i’m just keeping an eye on that. I’ve noticed my paranoia playing up a bit, and my depression and anxiety is all over the place. I can manage all of this at the moment, and keeping myself busy is helping me carry on almost as usual. Volunteering is helping no end and my grandparents dog, Teddy, is just the best friend anyone could have. I cant wait for next month when I get to go away for a few days and hopefully relax. Bring it on!


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