Left Behind on World Mental Health Day.

I’m spending this World Mental Health Day with worsening symptoms of my schizophrenia. this isn’t fun, and its a little bit more than concerning for me. What this has made think about is just how far left behind some mental illnesses are.

I am on social media. It helps me communicate with other people with mental illness, and it honestly keeps me sane some of the time when i’m trying to cope, at home, alone, and unwell. But what I see is people talking about depression and anxiety on Twitter or Facebook and nor really talking about the lesser known, but just as important illnesses, even of World Mental Health Day. Bi-polar, schizophrenia, BPD, OCD, and so many others aren’t talked about enough, but maybe these are the ones we should really be talking about. I understand that not everyone goes through hallucinations or the extremes of bi-polar and other extremes in sufferers lives, so not as many people can relate, but surely this is the reason we should talk about it more. I personally feel segregated from the everyday world because it isn’t ready for someone with schizophrenia, but if we all talk about schizophrenia or the other lesser known mental illnesses, maybe they will be recognised more and cared about more, and maybe society would be accepting of someone who has to deal with these illnesses, rather than being treated like the person you hear about on the news who we’ve been taught to be cautious of.

So, to anyone out there suffering with a mental illness that is left behind, i hear you, and if you want to be heard…. please speak up. no matter what, I think you’re awesome, and I hope more people will listen, because you deserve to be noticed, and you’re doing an awesome job coping in a world that doesn’t really take the time to think about you.

as for me……. i’ll keep on writing about my experiences. It might not be pretty at times but its still important for me, and others, to talk about their experiences so others can learn, and so others can feel like their not alone. I’m annoyed that the subject of my mental illness is a taboo conversation to most. I want my schizophrenia to be normalised in conversation, so the more i talk about it, the more it will become the norm, and from experience this works.

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