The “Professionals” Of Schizophrenia

My CPNs, therapists, psychologists and doctors have never really talked about my schizophrenia when I ever bought it up. Yes, they were happy to diagnose me with it, they were happy to acknowledge it but they were never happy to help me with it. It almost felt like they were all stumped when it came … Continue reading The “Professionals” Of Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia and dating?

Its no surprise to those people who know me that I've been doing quite well lately. My mental health is playing ball at the moment which is the best thing. I mean, it's been playing balls for the last few months. Giving up smoking tested my mental health, and Christmas had a go as well, … Continue reading Schizophrenia and dating?

When your mental illness reminds you it’s still there.

I'm having one of those days. One of those days where it feels like I'm not on meds (medication) and I've got all my problems. I can easily remember this feeling because its one i really don't like. I feel like everything is bad. Everything is frustrating, incoherent to me, and all my thoughts are … Continue reading When your mental illness reminds you it’s still there.