Fighting My All-Consuming Thoughts.

being overwhelmed is always an uncomfortable feeling. I sit there overthinking the world, overthinking myself, and overthinking every single moment. I get caught up in negative words, negative voices, paranoid thoughts, and thoughts of doom and gloom. There's not really any action that has given me reason to be feel this way, no reason other … Continue reading Fighting My All-Consuming Thoughts.

The “Professionals” Of Schizophrenia

My CPNs, therapists, psychologists and doctors have never really talked about my schizophrenia when I ever bought it up. Yes, they were happy to diagnose me with it, they were happy to acknowledge it but they were never happy to help me with it. It almost felt like they were all stumped when it came … Continue reading The “Professionals” Of Schizophrenia

When your mental illness reminds you it’s still there.

I'm having one of those days. One of those days where it feels like I'm not on meds (medication) and I've got all my problems. I can easily remember this feeling because its one i really don't like. I feel like everything is bad. Everything is frustrating, incoherent to me, and all my thoughts are … Continue reading When your mental illness reminds you it’s still there.

When a Doctor doesn’t listen…What do i do?

when a doctor doesnt listen to an issue its quite difficult to make them know what is going to happen to yourself. my skin is getting worse and worse by the day. i went to the doctors a couple of weeks ago to talk about this issue and the doctor prescribed 'stuff' that would clear … Continue reading When a Doctor doesn’t listen…What do i do?

Rest of the week plans….I need some!

i went to my informal interview for volunteering today, it was not what i expected and the interviewers quickly realised this. i was having an interview for something i hadnt even applied for which was odd to say the least. i was honest and told them i was looking for something different and they said … Continue reading Rest of the week plans….I need some!