Smoking Urges and Schizophrenia

sometimes I just wanna go out and buy a pack of twenty L&B cigarettes and smoke the whole lot. sometimes the urge to smoke is so huge it seems like the only solution to my incessant mind. My mind feels like its been taken over by some devilish entity that only wants to destroy me, … Continue reading Smoking Urges and Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia and dating?

Its no surprise to those people who know me that I've been doing quite well lately. My mental health is playing ball at the moment which is the best thing. I mean, it's been playing balls for the last few months. Giving up smoking tested my mental health, and Christmas had a go as well, … Continue reading Schizophrenia and dating?

blowing smoke, less hair, and poisonous paranoia!

the poisoning thing in salisbury isnt good for me at all. im getting back to palonium ( hopefully thats how you spell it) paranoia. i cant get back there, it took me years to get over that worry. i wont go into details, but i will say its distressing for me when i think that … Continue reading blowing smoke, less hair, and poisonous paranoia!